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  1. How to remove signature tag?
    You can buy commercial version from us.

  2. Does Your SMS Component supports multi languages?
    Yes, you can send in any multi language such as Chinese and Arabic. But it depends on your cellphone, some cellphone doesn’t support unicode characters.

  3. Can I use all of your component products on any programming languages other than ASP?
    Definitely you can. You can use them on Visual Basic, Delphi, C++, or even Microsoft Access.

  4. Which cellphones will work with your SMS Component?
    As long as your cellphone has internal built-in modem, you surely can use this component. This component works with Nokia 6610, Nokia 7250, Nokia 7210, Nokia 8310, Nokia 8210, Siemens ME43, Siemens S45, Ericsson T68i, Ericsson T39m, Motorola E398, Nokia 6600 and Nokia GSM Modem.

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