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StrongCube SMTP Component

StrongCube ASP SMTP Component is the basic component used to send e-mail using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and manage MIME attachments.

Supports multiple file attachments, multiple recipients, CCs, BCCs, plain/HTML message, US ASCII/ISO-8859-1 character sets.

Get fully functional evaluation copy now to find out how it works.

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We have three different type of licenses that you can choose to fit your needs.

DEVELOPER license is a license to include and use this component on the distributed application that you developed. Typically this license is used by developers who want to distribute their application which use this component and want to include it on their package.
Price $79.95 USD
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With SITE license you can use this component on an unlimited number or computers at the same physical site location, which would normally be defined as a single building, but could be considered to be a number of builings wihtin the same, general, geographical location, such as an industrial estate or small town.
Price $49.95 USD
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If you want to use this component only on one computer, you can choose SINGLE COMPUTER license.
Price $19.95 USD
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