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HTC Windows Phone 7 Product Specification

Windows Phone 7 (WP7) has been introduced by the end of this year. For those who would like to purchase cell phones WP7, it can be good to listen to this review. The first WP7 product that I analyzed is HTC 7. HTC is privileged as one of the companies who first introduced the following new taste of Windows mobile phone to the public.

If you previously use Windows Mobile, you must be very astonished with the different glance of Windows Phone 7. Logo and design like a mini-PC Windows on Windows mobile phone handset is just not available again. Instead, the particular display is made to become quite simple having solely only two tab pages. All major color display in Microsoft WP7 fashioned with black colors. Ultimately it can maintain battery power. Users could also switch the background display with white color as well.

Judging on the initial feeling, WP7 is very different from the Windows Mobile 6. 5. There was absolutely no feeling of WP7 is a mini PC, with Windows XP-style display which might be taken anywhere such as on earlier Windows Mobile. HTC offers two products labeled HD7 and Mozart. For information, HTC HD7 is a product with excellent 4. 2″ video display function screen. Even though HTC 7 Mozart is designed to be a music cell phone it’s equipped with 8 mega pixel camera plus Xenon Flash technology. To prospective customers, this mobile phone presents surround audio quality for video or music played from the handset.

Generally the primary strong point with HTC Mozart and HTC HD7 is an audio. The product is concentrated on fantastic quality sound, which offers virtual surround in SRS WOW HD technology. When tested to listen to a Jazz mp3 audio format, its technology makes the music feel widening out and fill the room, though with no wearing earphones. Additionally, if a user is using a headphone, the bass that beat out feels realistic, the blowing sound of cymbal or snare drum seems truly crispy. HTC 7 Mozart indeed characterized to play instrumental properly.

The look of Windows 7 Phone has mixed in such a way to get a taste of the new phone for consumer classes, in hopes its new Windows mobile phone embedded in every type of life-style. The 1st page is a home screen menu, and a next page filled with phone menus. Both are designed to extend downward.

As a smart phone which was positioned equal to Android and iPhone, HTC 7 Mozart built with 1 GHz processor, with the 3. 7″ WGA phone screen. An 8-megapixel camera with Xenon flash is also outfitted to power up its capabilities, meanwhile HTC HD7 simply provides a 5 mega pixel camera with no Xenon Flash. Just like the iPhone, both certainly do not have external memory. HTC 7 Mozart is sold with 8 GB of internal memory.

In front of the HTC 7 Mozart, can be seen three main buttons: back, home screen, and search. Home screen button is made with Windows logo. Meanwhile, when pressing the search menu, the user instantly linked to Microsoft’s search engine Bing. No need to be hard pressed; the three white buttons are light enough to be touched.

Well, this review basically conveys that Mozart is HTC Windows mobile phone with a relatively thin style, great sound, a little heavy with the HTC standard curve contour. However, the phone is quite comfortable when held in the packing material of aluminum and rubber. If you wish to have a look closer in details and get a free HTC HD7 I EXTREMELY recommend you to take a look at this resource HTC HD7.

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