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Apple Iphone 3G S

The Apple iPhone is updated. The new Apple iPhone 3G S is very good. They tried their best to cover the issues. Finally, they thought to put the video in this serie which is quite good and necessary. It also run a lot faster than the previous model. Apple has promised that the battery life is good. In the camera that should have comes with flash light, but it isn’t there.

Few things that improved in the Apple iPhone 3G S are video recording which is necessary, voice command is also introduced in this new update, unlike older version it run very fast, battery life is good and quality of multimedia is a great. Aside from its weakness such as no flash light and the signals are uneven.

iphone3gs2It’s not the perfect salve, but it’s a start. They mentioned that Apple did not really make any cosmetic changes to the phone, but it is not entirely accurate. Tap to focus works better. For example, if a book cover photographed on a table, we’re able to get a clear reading on the book title.

You can long press on the section being edited for a more detailed, and can either get the start or finish points to snag the section you want. As it is now, once you cut something down, you’re done – and no way to recover the full version of the video. Similar to many of the additions of OS 3.0, which had much to do to get here, but have few complaints about the final product.

Apple does not provide details on the capabilities of the processor, but a short T-Mobile Netherlands Web site reported that the iPhone 3G has a 600 MHz processor and 256 MB of RAM. A similar change was noticed in the use of the Spotlight feature and opening the Settings menu.

A major change also noticed in other areas. You will also find the Pocket God been opened from almost 30 seconds to 11. Previous tests are not scientific or accurate, but reflect a daily use.

They could go for a day of heavy use before needing recharging. In addition, our first test with EDGE talk time the delivery of approximately 11.5 hours of battery life, which is impressive given that the iPhone 3G lasted 8.75 hours. They managed 5.36 hours of 3G talk time and 13.4 hours of 2G talk time.

The improvements that everyone wanted the iPhone is still necessary, but still did a good job with the iPhone at high speed. The design remains elegant which gives an attractive appearance and the touchpad is the same quality to the line. The world market is down for this series so obviously there is something about it. Undoubtedly, there is still no touch screen phone which comes near iPhone.

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